We have working experience in Indian Wedding since 2010. We have worked not less than 200 events for more than 6 years around Thailand, for instance, Bangkok, Khao Lak, Phuket, Samui, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Rayong, Krabi, Trang and Chiang Mai. We also have the experience from India and Pakistan. As we cooperate with many Indian Wedding planners, we are well-known in Indian Wedding Planner business. As a result, we got a lot of opportunities to work with almost every Indian weddings in Thailand and out of Thailand.

We have studied Indian drinking tradition that make us providing beverages easier. We have an idea in creating a new drinks, such as cocktail, shooter, Molecular, Mocktail or even souvenir cocktail for welcome cocktail that is made from Bride & Groom’s names. Each ingredients will be applied to be appropriate with your wedding theme.

           "Bartender" is utter essence in wedding. We provide bartenders to be fit with guests in events, and provide working scheme efficiently. Our bartenders have an excellent working experience in Indian wedding. They are sophisticated in beverages. They could serve you well. They could entertain you like the way you got from the bar. Our bartenders have obtained Bartender Champion of Thailand and our bartenders would wear an outfit to be suitable on your wedding theme.

            In terms of what we do is of course, set up the bar, take care of the inventory, make cocktail & mocktails from whatever alcohol you have provided. you can plan your own menus which us will print to put on the bar with your logo. However, your next visit if interested, we can demonstrate and you can try our drinks. Additional our bartenders can do flair bartender show, make ice shot glasses, jagerbombs domino, jello shots ,molecular foam , smoke with liquid nitrogen, jelly caviar etc. This is great fun…
            If would you like me to take care amazing drink in your wedding or professional bartender, and offer the widest variety of drinks and bar gimmicks. Please contact us.


Follow by Indian tradition so we will provided the drink with the Mehendi Styles, we will make the luxury drinks with an ingredients and decorate Garnish glass by glass, We can used the glasses that can made by ice and  make the drink by seasonal fruit that can up to on your request.


We will proud to present the Champagne cocktails because this is first to celebrate and enjoy with your party. We have many styles of champagne cocktails. We do the Special cocktail with the signature ingredients and the drink that will be creating especially for welcome to our guest in party.

Bartender with pre-mix drink for your baraat party almost anywhere in Thailand and let us handle the pressure for you Baraat with Mobile Bars Van, Cocktail Glasses and Bartenders - we have it all.



We will serve a strong drink such a fun night with shots and our bartenders will be served on the dance floor.

Cue the mimosa! They’re light, fruity, sparkly and perfect for just about any morning occasion — be it a brunch with a wedding party. We will planning on serving mimosas, create a mimosa bar instead of just serving juice and Champagne.
Welcome to our ice bar Tables and even on your own personal glass it’s made from ice. Enjoy and memorable with your favorite cocktail.


We can provide all of special, such as, fire shot, domino shot, shot tools with LED tea pot, fire extinguisher shot, backpack shot, pipe shot, blood bag and many more, we will serve your at the dance floor.
 Good flair bartending can be hard to find as it’s an art you only tend to see in the bigger cities. Flair Mix can bring the special show of the countries most talented flair bartender to your event to put on an unforgettable show.

If your requires something special drink or would simply like to taste our drinks before they make their decision we can send along a Mixologist for a tasting.