Molecular Mixologist is one of the most dynamic and forward thinking fields in the cocktail world. As leading proponents of these techniques, Mixologist Group are well placed to deliver the very best in signature courses. This course is designed for the true cocktail fanatic. Inspired of the likes of foods this interactive, creative course will allow you the knowledge to add the wow factor to any event or occasion. Only 1 day we cover various techniques including Spherification, Airs, Foams, Jellies working with liquid nitrogen, sous vide as well as looking at how to make bitters & syrups.


This course is suitable for bartenders and enthusiasts at all levels of ability. It does help if you have some cocktail knowledge already as the course refers to this as it goes on, so graduates of any of our courses are welcome, as are experienced bartenders. If you simply want to learn about Flair Mix Molecular Mixologist course but don’t know much about cocktails, that’s fine too.


  • Students attending this are expected to leave having gained the following skills, competencies, and knowledge:Understanding of major Molecular Mixology techniques.
  • Knowledge of Basic & Advanced ingredients.
  • Comfortably use standard & advanced / custom molecular mixologist equipment.
  • Know the recipes and principles for standard molecular mixologist preparations.
  • Understand the possibilities of and practical applications of molecular mixologist. 
  • Able to produce various molecular elements to a high standard.


  • Course Times - 9.00 - 17.00 Hrs.
  • Course Day - 1 Day
  • Course Hours - 8 Hours