Welcome to BKC Bartending School

We are very proud of our BKC bartending schools in Bangkok and know you will be impressed with our facilities and the professional of our team. Then just to make sure, visit some other training academies and see what they have to offer you. Get the bigger picture to make sure you pick the best course and bartender school in Thailand for you.

Whether you are looking for an introduction into the world of cocktail bartending or to enhance your current skills as a cocktail bartender then a BKC Bartending School course is for you. BKC Bartending School offer a range of accredited and vocational bartending courses from a one day cocktail class through to the international bartender course, molecular mixologist courses and flair bartender courses.


The Professional Bartenders Course has the perfect balance between knowledge and practice meaning you will benefit not only from the creative hands on skills of bartending you will also gain a wealth of product knowledge.
This course is suited to the intermediate experienced bartender with a foundation of practical and classic experience of cocktails and bartending. This course takes the average bartender to an advanced level of both knowledge and practical skill
This two day cocktail course is the Thailand most popular Cocktail Gift Experience and provides and exciting introduction to the practical world of cocktails, providing a foundation in the mechanics of mixology and cocktail preparation at work and home.

Molecular Mixologist is one of the most dynamic and forward thinking fields in the cocktail world. As leading proponents of these techniques, Mixologist Group are well placed to deliver the very best in signature courses. This course is designed for the true cocktail fanatic.
10 to 15 mocktails practical and 25 to 30 recipes will be provided including of molecular mocktail and smoothie.

Our flair bartending training is unique of bartender, and our flair are designed to be as fun and educating as possible. We offer a collection of experience and skills developed over the years through all the bars, competitions, events, shows and training sessions we have done.

This practical wine course can be implemented immediately into the live service of your restaurant or bar. We have passionate and knowledgeable professionals with years of experience waiting to help your team.
Our barista course covers; sta-tion management, espresso ex-traction, milk steaming, classic recipes, contemporary tech-niques, equipment maintenance and trouble shooting.

The Bar Management Course also known as the Professional bar and beverage management is our experience training course. Designed for those who work in or wish to gain head bartender, bar manager and beverage manager in the Thailand Internationally.